CA Inter Group-II Regular In-Depth Batch Starting from 10th June22 for NOV22 Exam

CA Inter Costing by CA Vinod Reddy : Regular In-Depth Batch


May 2022 / Nov 2022

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CA Inter COSTING (CMA) Full Course : By CA Vinod Reddy Sir
Regular In-Depth Course
New Live + Recorded Batch Available

Applicable for May 2022 & Nov 2022 Exams

NEW Batch starting: 21-Sep-2021
Newly Amended Classes

Online Download Option: Lectures provided daily from 22-Sep-21

Pendrive Option: Lectures provided from 15-OCT-21 (pre-booking available)

Book Dispatch : will start 25-Nov-21 with complete book set. Updated & Amended book materials with all amendments till 31-Oct-2021

Paper3: Cost and Management Accounting (CMA)
  • Coverage: 100% syllabus coverage as per ICAI
    Duration: Approx 95 lectures @ 195 hrs
    Language: Lectures are in Hinglish (Hindi-English) mix
    Live Batch: Live streaming batch (21-Sep-21),
    Recorded Batch: Online Download option (22-Sep-21), Pendrive option (15-Oct-21)
    Up to Date: For May 2022 & Nov 2022 Exams,
    Amended: Updated till 31-Oct-21

  • All-in-One Player: Windows Laptop & Android Mobile
    Validity: Course validity 6+6 with 1.5 views (playback time)
    Online Download Option: Available
    Pen Drive Option: Available (15-Oct-21)

Multi-Color Study Material:
      • Regular Modules

Useful for:
  • a. CA Inter new students who are studying this course first time
  • b. New students who want in-depth understanding of course with each n every concept clarity.

About faculty : CA Vinod Reddy Sir

System Configuration :
  • Vsmart Unified Software:
    1. Video lectures can be played on your Windows laptop or Android Phone/Tablet
    2. You can watch the lectures on anyone device at a time.
  • 3. You can switch from one device to another device (Laptop to phone or Phone to Laptop) anytime with our unified software.

  • 1. Window System - Classes run on Windows laptop
  • Configuration: Window 7 Ultimate, Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Processor Intel core 3, 2.0 GHz, 3GB RAM, 20% Free Space on C Drive.

  • 2. Android System -Mobile/Tablet Version 6 & above Devices
  • Note1: Motorola Mobile/Tablet or Rooted Device are not supported with video lectures

  • 3. Apple Devices:
  • Note2: Not supported to Mac, Apple PC or Tablet

  • 4. Course Validity: 12 Months (6+6) for early bird students. That means 6 months validity provided with course activation and additional 6 months validity extension provided free of cost (if needed).

Study MAT :

Multi-Color Study Material:
Regular Module

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CA Inter Costing by CA Vinod Reddy : Regular In-Depth Batch


May 2022 / Nov 2022

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Language - Hindi English
May 2022 / Nov 2022
  OD - ₹9999   PD - ₹10499   Live - ₹9999
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