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CA Inter ADV Accounts Book Set - Adv. Acc ki Jai + AS Trump + Chart Book by CA Jai Chawla


May 2024 / Nov 2024

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Description :

CA Inter Advance Accounts Book Set (As per ICAI New Pattern)

Updated for May/Nov 2024 

1. Accounts ki Jai 
  1. All concepts are explained in a simplified manner.
  2. Concept Builder Examples are added to Understand the Concepts in detail
  3. Special Feature is Introduced in the Book - QR Code based Video Solutions for Imp Exam Oriented Questions with unlimited access
  4. All Questions are Categorised Adjustment-Wise and Topic-Wise
  5. Coverage of entire ICAI material for all Chapters other than AS (SM | RTP |MTP | Past Paper)
  6. This Book is highly recommended for Students who need conceptual understanding along with Good Practice of Questions. Also Very useful for Self Study Students

2. Chart Book 
       Accounting Standards (AS) REVISION CHART BOOK Version 5.0

AS Revision Chart Book is highly useful study material designed to quickly revise the entire syllabus with ALL ACCOUNTING STANDARDS and Other Topics in just a few hours. Applicable for MAY and NOV. 2024 

  1. Features:
  2. Complete Revision of All the below topics in Just 32 Charts.
  3. Colorful Tree Analysis Presentation to understand better CA New Syllabus of Advanced Accounting

  4. Charts Content:
  5. Covering "All ACCOUNTING STANDARDS" along with the all following chapters.
  6. Buyback of Equity Shares, Internal Reconstruction, Cash Flow Statements, Amalgamation & Consolidation.
3. TRUMP Summary Book
  1. Designed specially for SIMPLE UNDERSTANDING of Accounting Standards in a very short time.
  2. Book contains brief detailing of All Applicable Accounting Standards in simple language along with most important questions for exam revision purpose.
  3. Special Feature is Introduced in the Book - QR Code based Video Solutions for Imp Exam Oriented Questions with unlimited access

CA Jai Chawla Sir

Dynamic & Energetic Faculty of FR in India/ Trailblazer of Fastrack & Express batches of FR/ Teaching Experience of 8+ Years/ Guide, Mentor and Friend/ Support from Classroom to Examroom

Study MAT :
Sr No.Multi-Color Books
1.Accounts ki Jai(2 Volumes)
2.AS Trump Book (3 Volumes)
3.Eagle View Chart Book (AS and Other Topics)
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